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Raw Dairy

Here at TS Farms we believe in whole living foods, that's why we offer a raw milk herdshare.

We have a small herd of grass fed cows that consists of five Milking Shorthorns, Easter, Monroe, Licorice, Twizzler and Babe, two Jerseys Patches and Cinnamon. The girls are milked once a day as we do what called calf sharing. Calf sharing is where we leave the calves with their moms during the day and separate them at night. Why do we calf share? We feel that our calves do better when they are left with there moms they grow faster and its less work for us.



We also have a small herd of Alpine and Toggenburg goats that we milk as well. Goats milk is the closest milk to human milk.

To find lots of good information on raw milk visit www.realmilk.com



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